Pitstop Furniture GT Desk Connector


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Pitstop Furniture GT Desk Connector :: 500|SPEEDLAB

The Pitstop Furniture GT Desk Connector designed to connect two Pitstop Furniture GT Spoiler Desks into an ‘L’ configuration.

  • Featured in Clear Tempered Glass Color
  • 90 Degree Desk Connection
  • Patented World-wide
  • Lifetime Warranty, of course!

All Pitstop Furniture is custom made in our state of the art Southern California facility. Indeed, achieving manufacturing excellence through the use of the latest CAD cutting technology. Furthermore, by using only the finest raw materials, Pitstop Furniture carries an unsurpassed lifetime warranty!

Designed to work with the Pitstop Furniture GT Spoiler Desk. While you’re at it, why not add a Pitstop Furniture GT Office Chair