FIAT 500 Diffuser by 500|SPEEDLAB



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FIAT 500 Diffuser by 500|SPEEDLAB.

This Rear Diffuser from the Styling Kit for Fiat 500 by 500|SPEEDLAB is a streamlined high-tech product that helps to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Most noteworthy is its High-Density Flexible polyurethane (PUR-RIM ®) fabrication with high impact resistance, primer finished, and as a result, ready to paint!

Looking to add a little extra visual style to your Fiat? Perhaps improved aerodynamics are in order? Our diffuser installs easily and accurately using the factory hardware for the stock diffuser. Furthermore, your friends will envy your newly transformed car! In conclusion … what are you waiting for? Buy now!

Fits US Turbo and Abarth models, 2012-2021.

Some early production 2012 models came equipped with a transverse muffler positioned behind the factory diffuser.  The exhaust tip spacing on these muffler-equipped cars does not align with the cut-outs in our 500|SPEEDLAB diffuser. The fix requires a visit to your local muffler shop to have the exhaust pipes cut and re-positioned to match the spacing on our diffuser. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to exhaust tip spacing on later years…some vehicles are a perfect match, others not so much. Please take a moment to measure the exhaust tip spacing on your vehicle. Tip spacing on our rear diffuser measures 34.25″ center to center, and the opening for the tips are 5″ per side.

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FIAT 500 Diffuser/Spoiler by 500|SPEEDLAB