Fiat 500 Rear Brake Rotors-Drilled and Slotted


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FIAT 500 Rear Brake Rotors-Drilled and Slotted :: 500|SPEEDLAB

These FIAT 500 Rear Brake Rotors-Drilled and Slotted is the 500|SPEEDLAB Super-Sport line of brake rotors; The most popular choice among our customers. The Super-Sport rotors not only make a strong visual statement but provide increased braking performance. Cross drilling enhances the heat dissipation qualities beyond that of the factory design. In fact, the slot pattern prevents the pads from glazing and increases brake pad “bite”. Each rotor has a specific CNC Program created in-house that insures a perfectly machined and balanced product every time!

Every rotor is finished with a premium Zinc coating. This surface further prevents oxidation, improves wear ability and prevents future rust deterioration on the rotor. Our zinc options are Gold, Silver (clear) or Black.

The drilled holes in the rotors reduce rotor warping, allows air to circulate throughout the rotors (vented models) and upgrades the rotor’s heat dissipation. Each hole receives our unique chamfering process, further reducing stress from pads and preventing early spider cracks on the rotor.

Each slot enhances brake pad ‘Bite’ and de-glazes brake pads. Indeed, the unique length in our design provides an escape route for debris, dust, gas and water with the slots machined to the edge of the rotor.

Finally, all 500|SPEEDLAB brake rotors are designed and tested for SAEJ431-93 grade G3000 specifications. Exceeding all OE requirements and standards and guaranteed to fit using the included easy to follow installation instructions.

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