FIAT 500 Front Brake Pads, Street/Race

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FIAT 500 Front Brake Pads – Street/Race :: 500|SPEEDLAB

These FIAT 500 Front Brake Pads for Street and Race applications, brought to you by 500|SPEEDLAB, are a terrific choice for aftermarket brake pads! In fact, you should check out some of these fancy bullet-pointed features:

  • Designed to work with factory ABS System, of course
  • Modulated Brake Formula Design
  • Consistent performance in hot or cold conditions
  • Extended pad wear for 50,000 km (over 30,000 miles) under normal operation
  • Metallic-Ceramic Composition

Stopping your car is equally as important as making it go (some might argue it’s even more important). Make sure your brake pads are healthy; check them often, replace as necessary.

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