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Crapngunk NoSquatch Vehicle Wash

Dirty vehicles attract Sasquatch and Yeti … or so they say. Don’t take a chance, keep your vehicles clean and protected with CrapnGunk NoSquatch Vehicle Wash! Specially formulated to repel both Sasquatch and Yeti alike, proven 99.9% effective when used with regularity. Use this vehicle wash and stay Sasquatch free!

  • Pleasant aroma for humans, smells like wet skunk to those pesky Big Foots
  • Removes the dirt and gunk from your off-road adventures
  • Concentrated: use more or less based on local infestations.

Regular use will leave an imperceptible odor (at least to humans) on your vehicle; Shown to be despised by Sasquatch and Yeti alike!

Also available, our CRAPNGUNK Original Degreaser!